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Coronovirus Covid-19 Manchester Hernia Statement - April 2020

As a group of hernia specialists, we would like to advise on some key points in regard to hernia surgery especially due to the unprecedented times we are experiencing at present, the health of the nation is of paramount importance. As health professionals we urge that you continue to update yourselves on the advice of both the department of health and your local hospital. Our roles as clinicians have to now be flexible to deliver urgent and much needed care in the first instance. We understand that all non-urgent elective activity has been postponed and this has had a negative impact on hernia surgery especially in terms of the increased time patients will now wait for their operation. MancheserHernia will seek to address this with a degree of urgency when the situation has changed in terms of hospital policy, admissiona and the return of elective surgery.

Therefore we have listed a few simple guides below to help

Your Hernia 

It is clear that the covid-19 pandemic has had an adverse impact on hernia surgery especially as the large majority is of an elective nature. In cases where the hernia becomes incarcerated, strangulated or results in bowel obstruction these complications will no doubt require urgent treatment and fall under the emergency general surgery category. We recommend that if your hernia becomes painful, the overlying skin red and inflamed looking, not reducible without causing you pain or you suddenly develop symptoms of bowel obstruction such a absolute constipation or vomiting then you should seek medical help without undue delay.

Your local hospital will remain open to attend to emergency patients.


In addition, if your hernia is particularly large and/or causing you a degree of discomfort, we would urge the use of abdominal girdles and trusses for comfort, predominantly to help with symptoms as a temporary alternative. 

We emphasise self-isolation should the need arise as per government guidelines and also the regular use of hand washing 

Mancheterhernia will utilise any resource available with telephone consultations and use of other technology such as Skype to speak with patients and offer medical advice.


Please also use the following guidance from national governments:





Please stay safe as well as healthy and self isolate when required 


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